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Papers & Projects I did in college:

(These are embarrasingly dated now. I should probably take these down...)
Spelling Correction: Survey of Techniques (my UCSD Research Exam) (pdf)   (PowerPoint presentation)
Language Models for Spelling Correction (pdf)   (15 min pdf presentation)
Nearest Neighbor Search Applied to Misspellings (pdf)   (50 min pdf presentation)
Using Variable N-grams in Language Modeling (pdf)   (5 min pdf presentation)
Finding Word Collocations (like "New York" but not "new jeans") (80 min pdf presentation)
Distributed Web Crawling - A Survey (pdf)   (5 minute ppt presentation)
Introduction To Support Vector Machines (pdf)
Introduction To Coding Theory & Error Correction (pdf)   (multi-page html)
Partial Digest Problem (A DNA Sequencing CS problem) (pdf)
Presentation on Moody's "Learning To Trade via Direct Reinforcement" (pdf presentation)   (based on Moody's paper )
Ensemble Methods in Machine Learning (ppt presentation)
Predicting Wall Street (pdf)   (html)